Fethiye Solicitor. Inheritance traditionally has referred to whatever one receives upon the death of a relative due to the laws of descent and distribution, which apply when there is no will. However, the modern usage of inheritance has come to mean anything a person receives from the estate of a decedent, whether by the laws of descent or as a beneficiary of a will or trust.

Fethiye Solicitor – What is Will?

Fethiye Solicitor.a will is a legal document that indicates how a person wants his or her estate (money and property) to be distributed after death. Wills must expressly state to whom the will belongs and be signed, dated and include the signatures of at least two witnesses. A will also may describe any wishes for funeral and burial arrangements and may designate guardians for minor children.

Inheritance Law & Wills in TURKEY

Do you have a foreign deceased in Turkey who had moveable or immovable property? According to Law, immovables are subject to Turkish Law. The ‘heirs’ of a deceased person are the spouse and the kids. If the deceased person left no descendants, the parents, as second-in-line heirs, will inherit the estate. The inheritance rights of descendants will devolve to their own descendants if any of the former is no longer alive when the inheritance takes place. The spouse gets 1/4 of the estate if he/she is an heir with the children. And he/she gets half of the estate if he/she is an heir with the parents of the deceased. For moveables like money, the deceased country’s law is applied in Turkey.

How To Leave a Will in Turkey?

Fethiye Solicitor & Fethiye lawyer can help you. You can also leave a will in Turkey. You can either leave a will at a Turkish notary or you can handwrite your will, sign and insert the date. Signing your will at the notary is safer than handwriting your will since the handwritten will may get lost or damaged easily. Also, wills that are prepared in the UK about properties in Turkey may be subject to probate in Turkey. Wills in Turkey work differently than other countries so it is better to consult wills and probate solicitors before you write your will according to your own special needs.

To get the properties on your name from your deceased first of all, an inheritance certificate must be obtained from Turkish courts.

Which documents do i Need?

ln order to get an inheritance certificate, Turkish courts require some documents that must be obtained from the U.K. by Fethiye Lawyer & Fethiye Solicitor. DO NOT FORGET APOSTTILE IS A MUST IN EVERY DOCUMENT

  1. Birth and death certificate of the deceased
  2. Birth certificate of the heirs
  3. Marriage certificate of the deceased and the spouse
  4. Divorce certificate of the deceased and the spouse if they have divorced
  5. Documents to prove any name and last name changes of the heirs and the deceased (Marriage certificates could be sufficient proof for the last name changes.)
  6. Sworn affidavit at a public notary by one of the heirs stating the birth dates of the heirs and the deceased, death date of the deceased, marriage/divorce dates of the deceased and the spouse, and name changes and that there are no other heirs apart from the ones stated.
  7. All of the above-mentioned documents must be notarized in the UK and an apostille stamp must be obtained for all of them from the Foreign Commonwealth Office in the UK.

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