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30 Mart 2020

Real Estate Law in Turkey. Lawyer in Fethiye. Things You Need To Know About Real Estate Law İn TURKEY. Do you want to buy a property? or Sell one? Well, you better get yourself a lawyer then. Lawyer in Fethiye. Good Lawyer İn Fethiye. Why choose us? it is simple, we know what to do, we know what you need and we can tell you how much you will spend or gain. Unlike others, we work with experts. We have our professional Sworn Translator and deed specialist. We work all together to give you the best service. Things you need; Fethiye Lawyer & Good Lawyer in Fethiye  The title deed of the property or it’s detailed information. ( we prefer to see the  deed )  Passport and its notarized translation.  Survey Report. ( We will get it for you) DASK / earthquake insurance.  One photo of the seller, two photos of the buyer (Must be new and 6×4 size)  A Sworn Translator. If one of the parts uses a proxy, we need documents, such as POA (power of attorney), Passport Translations, Apostille and etc.. Now that we learned what we need, let’s learn about the law. Lawyer in Fethiye-The Real Estate Law In Turkey The Turkish government has made significant amendments to the Turkish Real Estate Law regarding the conditions that must be met by foreign individuals wishing to own real estate in Turkey by approving the law number 6302 on 05.05.2012, where they lifted some restrictions on the ownership of foreigners. And provided some facilities in the conditions to be met by foreign individuals wishing to own real estate in Turkey, with restrictions imposed on citizens of some neighboring countries of Turkey. Property Ownership in the Republic of Turkey by Lawyer in Fethiye With this law, Turkey has given the right of property ownership to citizens of 183 countries without being subject to reciprocity. The most important reason for issuing this law, which opened the way for foreign investors to own real estate in Turkey, is to increase the desire of investors to invest in the real estate sector. The most important part of this law is canceling the reciprocity conditions for foreign investors. Thus, individuals from foreign countries are able to buy a property in Turkey, although Turks are not allowed to own the property in those countries to which those individuals belong. The principle of reciprocity is the rights and privileges granted by one State to the nationals of the other State, and the same privileges and rights are accorded to the nationals of those States. Restrictions included in amendments to the law of real estate ownership in Turkey This law imposes some restrictions on areas that can be owned by foreign individuals. According to the law, the total of what foreign individuals own must not exceed 10% of the area space, and the total space of land that can be owned by one person throughout Turkey should not exceed 30 ha Acres, The right to raise this area to 60 hectares is given to the cabinet, moreover, before this law, spaces that can be owned by the individual did not […]

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