What is a lawyer? A lawyer is a professional title given to a person who defends the rights of real or legal persons before the judiciary and who has a guiding nature in law and legal affairs. The word lawyer is of Latin origin, meaning the person called to the court as a witness, the defender. The profession of attorney is performed by people who have studied Law, completed an internship as a lawyer and who carry out the conditions required by law.

What Job Definitions Does The Profession Of Attorney Cover?

What is a lawyer? The profession of attorney, defined in law 1136 as ‘civil service and self-employment’, basically represents individuals who ensure that legal matters and disputes are resolved in accordance with the law. Professional obligations may be classified under the following headings:

Conduct and finalize proceedings related to the proceedings,
To express a legal opinion on relevant legal matters if requested,
To take legal measures to protect the interests of the institution, to prevent disputes, to ensure that agreements and contracts are made in accordance with these principles.

To examine the draft of the contract and specification, the work related to the disputes between the institution and third parties and to inform the legal opinion,
Legal processes (decision revision, appeal, appeal, etc.) to carry out related work and operations

What Are The Conditions For Admission To The Law Practice?

People who want to be a lawyer in Turkey must be citizens of the Republic of Turkey. These people are expected to graduate from law school. At the same time, it is necessary to have completed the internship as a lawyer and to have obtained the certificate of completion of the internship.

How to do an internship?

The first six months of a legal internship covering a period of one year are held in the courts and the remaining six months are held alongside a lawyer.

The last six-month internship period is carried out alongside a lawyer who is registered with the bar board and has at least five years of seniority in the profession. We are a good law firm in Fethiye. Fethiye lawyer & Solicitor.

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